Free Mindfulness Downloads

As I often use mindfulness based exercises and interventions as a part of my therapeutic approach and practice, I thought it may be of use to some of my existing clients, as well as any visitors to my site to have access to some audio recordingsĀ of guided mindfulness exercises that I am personally talking you through and facilitating.

Within my clinical practice, I often use an excellent book which can be seen in the image to the left, as a guide and valuable point of reference. Therefore, many of the exercises I use here will be either read or adapted from this text, with kind permission from the authors.

I will do my best to keep adding new downloads to this page as much as I’m able, so be sure to keep checking back for frequent updates.


[download id=”731″ template=”Being Present”]


[download id=”722″ template=”Finding the Breath”]


[download id=”818″ template=”Body Scan”]


[download id=”827″ template=”Feeling Three Breaths”]


[download id=”726″ template=”Anchor at the Bottom of the Sea”]


[download id=”763″ template=”Riding the Wave”]


[download id=”823″ template=”Compassionate Body Scan”]